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Manchester, CT

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Giant Multi-Family Tag Sale (Manchester, CT) [Apr. 30th, 2012|09:36 am]
Manchester, CT


If this is not allowed, let me know and I'll take it down :) Thanks!
I plan to x-post to the Manchester community as well.

Join us as multiple families come together for a giant tag sale.
My family, friends and I decided that my yard is perfect considering the high traffic of my street so they are coming from all over the state to get of their spring cleaning must-go items.
Some items are estate related from the passing of a grandparent a few years ago.

Date: May 5 & 6
Location: 35 McKee Street, Manchester, CT 06040
Time: 8a - 4p
Items: Furniture, Arts & Crafts & supplies, Children's clothing and toys (boys and girls items from newborn to adult), Adult clothing (Men's & Women's in multiple sizes/styles and age groups), Power Tools, Car parts, hostas, photography equipment, books, old magazines, jewelry, dishes, china, knick knacks, and MUCH MUCH MORE